Krallash is a given name in the language of the Kriun people, chiefly used in the country of Kosaphen and, later, the nation of Koatesh, both places of which use the language.

In history, the name Krallash generally refers to an extremely important and influencial soldier of the Kosapheni army who fought against the forces of Vousana in the late Age of War and led a contingent of citizens and soldiers away from the doomed country to the south, where they found Mescanith.

Krallash may refer to any of the following:

  • Krallash Kvathransson, the Kosaphen general-turned-saviour.
  • Krallash, the self-named city he founded in Northern Senraslihil.
  • Krallash, the first book in the Krallash Trilogy, detailing his early life and journey across war-torn Kosaphen.

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